Decades in trading knowledge.

Our History

Marquette Partners was founded in 1990 by James Heinz and Robert Moore. Between them, they have nearly 70 years of trading experience and have seen every possible trading cycle. Both started their careers trading Treasury Bond Futures at the Chicago Board of Trade. In the beginning, Marquette was an early adopter of fixed income futures arbitrage between the U.S. and European derivatives exchanges. It now has grown from a five-employee Bund arbitrage firm in Europe to an exceptional proprietary trading group that trades all electronically traded futures across the globe. Our traders have been with the firm on average over 10 years.

Over the past five years, Marquette Partners has added three new offices across the US. Our Chicago and San Francisco offices supply direct market connections to eight different futures exchanges. These connections provide millisecond price granularity for the system or trader who depends on the accurate, real-time information.

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