What We Do

Marquette Partners utilizes a multi-faceted trading style, covering a wide variety of products across all asset classes.  We hold memberships on every major electronic exchange and trade a variety of products, including options on fixed income instruments, agricultural products, and commodities. We also actively trade algorithmically on futures and cash instruments. Marquette is agnostic with regards to trading platforms, and supports most front end ISVs; this gives us the flexibility to partner with many established trading groups.

Individual candidates are either selected through on-campus recruiting or resumes submitted through our website. Over the years, our rigorous training program has developed a multitude of highly successful traders.

Trading groups with proven track records that have the desire to build their own brand are also a precious commodity at Marquette. We diligently screen and carefully select our trading partners to ensure that not only will they provide the desired return on capital, but that they will also be a good fit for our office culture.